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Artist Statement

My preference for painting on life size canvases while listening to rock music lets me enter a world of paint throwing, drawing, and artistic abandon. The music is key because it allows me to escape into my own private euphoria, a place that has no rules and no fear, where I can immerse myself in color, texture, and movement. The large size canvas
is essential as well, so that I can walk into and around my painting, engaging the entire surface with waves of my arm or assaulting it with multiple trowels of thick paint.

My abstract "wallscapes" as I call them, allow me (and the viewer) entry into a world of dripping, splashing and lashing out, while at the same time indulging in playful gesture and vibrant color. I purposely don't plan out my compositions because I need the surprise of not knowing what will emerge.

I paint for the moment and whatever emotion I am feeling will determine my colors and textures. I paint spontaneously, quickly and intuitively, and if I lose that feeling the painting dies.